Who We Are


The Beverage Baron is a NL based company representing some of the world's finest wine, spirits and beers. Our goal is to continue working with our partners to bring the customer new and innovative products while working tirelessly for our existing brands. We are known for our outstanding knowledge in the beverage alcohol industry, and forward thinking around sales and marketing that is delivered with outstanding professionalism.


Scott Giannou - President

As a lifelong entrepreneur Scott learned early in his career that people buy from people, and the fostering of relationships has always aided in the growth of all companies he has been involved in. Scott has a genuine interest in people that can’t be overlooked when measuring his success in business and cultivation of a large group of supporters and collogues. Scott  has a strong sense of community as evident by his charitable affiliations and volunteerism through sport and other activities.

Tracey Rowe - General Manager

Fabulous cook, fashionista, dancer, dedicated Mom, level 2 sommelier. Meet Tracey Rowe and within moments you'll know this gal has a lot going on and she has a lot on the go! Tracey has been on trend since birth so it's no small wonder she had needed up in the beverage business. This firecracker has been on the beverage sales circuit for almost 14 years and she's a quick study! Never shy to ask questions of the dozens of experts that visit each year, Tracey has turned her passion for learning into a passion for sharing her knowledge. Tracey's wine philosophy is quite simple, 'Enjoy great wine with great friends. It is the perfect pairing!

Lanette Smith - Sales Representative

Lynette is more than educated in the beverage department, she is also a passionate traveller, Business Graduate from Memorial Univeristy of Newfoundland and mother of three!  She is enthusiastic about pairing superb wine with delicious food, thus explains why she decided to gain experience in fine dining after completing her degree. Her passion for traveling has landed her a teaching job in Asia and many business trips to the Caribbean. 
Lynette has more than five years experience working as a territory manager with one the largest alcoholic beverage company in the world. She's been to vineyards all over the world - her personal favourite are those in Italy and France, and has watched the winemaking process! She is now happy to get to enjoy wine in the comforts of her home here in NL with her family!